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Baker House

Built 1898; Queen Anne style
525 E. Main St; private residence
Ventura County Historical Landmark #83


A Texan, Mr. Baker had punched cows for outfits ranging from the Washington Territory to San Diego. He had worked in the oil fields, managed the Santa Paula Horse & Cattle Company and owned his own 200-acre stock ranch in another area of the county. In addition to being a skilled horseman, Jack Baker was also a foot racer of renown. Having competed throughout Southern California, his reputation for being the champ lent to the anticipation and exchange of wagers when a gent from Hueneme challenged him to a race in the late 1880ís. The 100-yard course was set on Main Street, the bets were placed, the audience lined the dusty street and the runners took their marks. The gun was fired, the crowd roared and when the dust had settled how the locals cheered their reigning champion! In 1902 Mr. Baker was appointed the first City Marshall and, oddly enough, the school truancy problem disappeared. The style is Queen Anne.

-Courtesy Santa Paula Historical Society