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Rice House

Built 1891; Queen Anne/Eastlake style
928-930 Yale St; private residence
Ventura County Historical Landmark #80

Originally, this house was located on the northeast corner of Main and Seventh Street and had been completed by early 1891. In the annals of the Santa Paula Building and Loan, this house is historic as it was financed by their first residential loan of $500.00. It is reputed to be the first one in town to have hardwood floors! Although the identity of the lady who secured the loan is unknown, for years it was the residence of J. Clarence Rice and family. During the 1890’s Mr. Rice and his partner Fred Lee operated the “Star Clothing Store” a haberdashery catering primarily to the men of the oilfields. They prided themselves on advertising “Suits made to Order”. After an interested customer was carefully measured, the statistics and choice of material was sent to an eastern tailoring establishment to be made. The style is Queen Anne cottage with Eastlake details.